Exploring Lutheran Churches in Baltimore, MD

Are you looking for a place to study the Bible and connect with other believers? If you live in Baltimore, MD, you may be interested in exploring the Lutheran churches in the area. The Breath of God Lutheran Church is a vibrant Christian community located in Southeast Baltimore. This congregation has a long history, with records dating back to 1794. The church focuses on Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, and offers a variety of services and activities. Mountain of God International Evangelical Church is an African-born ministry that was established by a refugee who was resettled in Baltimore.

This church is part of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and it offers an experiment in Christian community where people can meet both online and face-to-face. Mara Evangelical Church is another worship community that was started by Mara refugees who settled in Baltimore. Worship services are held at the Church of Christ Lutheran on Sundays at a specific time. Unfortunately, there are no Lutheran congregations along the Route 413 corridor in Crisfield.

In January 1912, a fire caused damage to the church and services were held at Grange Hall in Arcadia until April 1913. After that, regular worship services were held at the Arcadia Fire Hall and special services were held at the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church.