Volunteer Opportunities at Lutheran Churches in Baltimore MD

Are you looking for meaningful volunteer opportunities that promote the mission of spreading the love of Christ? If so, then you should consider the Lutheran churches in Baltimore MD. The Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA) has been accompanying people in need in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington D. C. metropolitan area since 1917. They strive to create an inclusive wellness community where people can thrive.

The LSSNCA is now offering short-term foster homes to unaccompanied children and are looking for adoptive parents who will open their hearts and homes to them. They also need donations of laptops and cellphones, and the review of asylum packages (legal experience required). By volunteering with the LSSNCA, you can develop leadership skills, learn healthy habits for the mind and body, and create lifelong connections. The Biden Administration recently announced its intention to re-issue a version of the Trump Administration's asylum or transit ban that requires families and individuals to apply for asylum first in countries they pass through on their way to the United States.

This Transit Prohibition 2.0 disregards U. S. domestic asylum laws and commitments to international human rights laws and treaties, as well as our moral obligation and tradition to welcome people fleeing conflict and persecution. The LSSNCA uses Google Signals on its website, which provides them with additional information from Google about users for remarketing purposes with Google Analytics, advertising reporting functions, demographic and interest reports, and multi-device reporting. Users can enable or disable ad personalization through Google's My Activity website. At the local level, God is likely already doing great things through ELCA congregations, Lutheran social ministry organizations, and projects in your area.

You can help build a new ELCA congregation, work in a ministry in an underserved neighborhood, help provide disaster relief, or be part of the outdoor ministry staff. There are a wealth of volunteer opportunities across the country. You can also apply now to begin a year of Lutheran Volunteer Corps service in August in Washington DC, Baltimore MD or Twin Cities MN. Donate today to help LSSNCA welcome new neighbors who arrive daily. Not only is there a place for you in this church, but you also need your time and skills to do God's work in the world.