Exploring the Lutheran Churches of Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD is home to a number of Lutheran churches, each with its own unique history and culture. From the historic Zion Church to the Redeemer Lutheran Church, there are plenty of places to explore for those interested in the Lutheran faith. Loudon Park Cemetery and Immanuel Lutheran Church are two of the most prominent Lutheran churches in Baltimore. Immanuel Lutheran Church is a member of the Maryland Association of German-American Citizens and participates in the Maryland German Festival each year.

The church overlooks a square on the south side, where a new headquarters of the Baltimore City Fire Department was built in a Georgian-federal style that complements the original Zion church around the corner. The Zion Church was founded in 1755 to serve the needs of Lutheran immigrants from Germany, as well as Germans from Pennsylvania who moved to Baltimore. For more than 250 years, sermons have been offered in German at the Church of Zion, making it the only remaining church in Maryland that still holds weekly services in German. In 1773, a new ecclesiastical constitution replaced the church's previous central document and, finally, the 1762 structure was also replaced by a larger building, the current Zion Church on North Gay Street, erected from 1807 to 1808 in the Gothic style. In the late 1920s, the entire block south of the church was razed to form a monumental square (known as War Memorial Plaza or, less frequently, as City Hall Square) in front of the Baltimore City Hall of 1875. On the east end of this war memorial building is an auditorium, an area of historic exhibitions and offices of veterans organizations. The Redeemer Lutheran Church has been worshiping in Irvington for more than a hundred years.

Located between Frederick Road and Baltimore National Pike (Route 40), this church has been an important part of this historic neighborhood for many years.