What Denominations of Lutheran Churches are in Baltimore, MD?

Baltimore, Maryland is home to a variety of Lutheran churches, including All Saints Evangelical Lutheran Church. In total, there are 212 Lutheran churches (ELCA) in the state of Maryland. Other German churches of all denominations can also be found in the area. The Fourth German Reformation, also known as Second Street Church, was established by Reverend Reitz.

The congregation initially held services in a room called China Hall on West Baltimore Street. In June 1868, they opened their own church on the northwest corner of Saratoga and Schroeder Streets. John Voegeling was the first pastor and Reverend Reitz was the pastor in 1881. The Third Church of the United Brethren United Church of Christ of Zion is the oldest church building in Frostburg. It was built in 1846 by English Lutherans and sold to German Lutherans in 1865. The tower and entrance date back to 1880 when the roof was raised to accommodate stained glass imported from Germany.

The German Lutheran Church of Matthew on Antietam Street was founded in 1871 and organized on June 19th of that year. It was located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and Mosher Street. In 1848, a two-story brick church was erected on the corner of McElderry and Short Streets. Lutheran Churches (ELCA) often provide community services, adult education, choirs, children's ministries and programs for youth groups.

A Baptist church on the corner of Eager and Broadway was the beginning of this congregation in 1886. Work on the church began that fall and it was completed in the spring of 1872. It was dedicated on May 26th of that year. Church Angel has a comprehensive list of churches in Maryland that offer various Christian denominations such as Baptists, Pentecostals, Protestants, Methodists, Lutherans, and many more. Maryland Lutheran Churches (ELCA) typically describe themselves as traditional, friendly and informal liturgy.