Exploring the Beliefs of Lutheran Churches in Baltimore, MD

The Lutheran faith has a long and storied history in Baltimore, MD. From the first German Lutheran Church established in 1760 to the vibrant and eclectic communities of today, the beliefs of Lutheran churches in Baltimore have evolved over time. At the heart of Lutheranism is a belief in a living God, whom they call the Holy Spirit. This belief is reflected in their commitment to living in love, seeking goodness, and standing in solidarity with those on the margins of society.

During worship, children are invited to attend Children's Church in the Chapel, where they learn stories of faith and explore their relationship with God. The 1901 Baltimore City Directory lists the church as an “evangelical of faith” in Wolfe and Federal, the MGS Journal 1901-1909 Federal Street. Pastor Emily has served as a pastor, mission promoter, chaplain and social justice pastor in Utah, Minnesota, Iowa and now here in Baltimore. She encourages her congregation to interact with the Scriptures with their minds and hearts as they seek to follow Jesus.

In 1869, land was purchased south of the church property and a three-story school building was erected. The basement was renovated to serve as a chapel and regular religious services began in the fall of 1954. The San Marcos parking lot is on the corner of St. Paul Lutheran Church School & has been blessed by God and has used those blessings to serve God and its neighbors. By the end of 1864, the area surrounding the church was bustling with businesses and many church members had moved to the outlying districts of the city. Other members were released in 1889 so that they could help establish a subsidiary congregation in a growing German community in southwest Baltimore, called St.

Mark's. However, a group of faithful members pledged to remain together as a congregation and, at a meeting held on June 30, 1951, it was decided to call a new pastor to replace Pastor Weinbach, who was retiring, and to do everything possible to relocate the church to a new and growing community in the near future. Today's Lutheran churches in Baltimore are part of an eclectic, vibrant community that doesn't expect life to follow the script. They dedicate their lives to working for justice locally and globally, they delight in creativity and art, and are nourished by the Lutheran theological geek. From its humble beginnings over two centuries ago to its modern-day incarnation as an active part of Baltimore's religious landscape, Lutheranism has been an integral part of Baltimore's history. Its members have been instrumental in helping shape their communities through their commitment to justice and love.